It is possible to buy our organic and high quality products both in the farm and online.

Organic extra virgin olive oil

Obtained by pressing exclusively our own olives, harvested by hand, from 700 organically grown olive trees of predominant and excellent local variety ‘Correggiolo’, which gives the oil an unmistakable aroma and taste.

Organic fine officinal lavender essential oil

Obtained from the cultivation of the finest varieties of organic lavender angustifolia, harvested by hand, the essential oil, in addition to having a very pleasant fragrance, is particularly indicated in cases of anxiety, stress, nervousness or insomnia; on the skin it has a soothing and relaxing effect and is useful in case of insect bites or for irritated skins.

Fine officinal lavender aromatic water

Obtained during the distillation process of lavandula angustifolia flowers, the aromatic water has soothing and regenerating properties: it is excellent as a tonic for the skin and as a refreshing after-sun.